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Warming Hut

Competition October 2018   Winnipeg Manitoba    Competition Team   Thomas Cheney Architects - Bertoia Studio

The land is flat. Formed by the ancient glacial Lake Agassiz, the Red River Valley has a very gradual fall of one foot for every mile. The Red River moves slowly away from the boarder of North Dakota and Minnesota towards the city of Winnipeg. 
The land is flat. When the ice dams up the river in spring and the land is frozen or oversaturated; when late snow or heavy rain fall from the sky and the water has no where to go but to breach. This river has witnessed many floods. 
The Red River flows north to the confluence (The Forks) where the Assiniboine River meanders from the west and together they flow into the Lake.  During the winter, prevailing winds flow along these same routes. 
Gusts of air thrust slender metal rods into a harmonic frenzy, like tall grasses swaying along riparian banks. A percussion instrument suspended from the bottom of a bridge deck. Its song, the river’s song, calls out to those skating across the ice. Reminding them of the power that lies beneath. 
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