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Warming Hut I

Competition October 2014   Winnipeg Manitoba

Articulated in the fundamental image of shelter, the new warming hut is conceived as a place of refuge from the frozen Assiniboine River. Dressed in continuous adhesive sheets of EPDM, the mysterious dark volume rests on a clear patch of ice located a short distance from Red River Mutual trail. A large picture window facing the skating trail, frames the modest wood stove and beckons visitors with its promise of respite from the cold. Entry to the shelter is not visible from the skating trail, encouraging visitors to search out the access point. Contrasting the synthetic exterior membrane the internal volume is clad with bleached cedar siding and a galvanized sheet steel liner around the stove. The interior is arranged with a single bench resting across from a pile of wood and book ending the small wood stove. With no views out, the experience is meant to provide a physical and mental distance from the cold, with a sense of intimacy from the aroma of wood and a the light of a fire. 

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