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Velocity Dance Center Signage

Project 2012   Seattle Washington

In an attempt to address three separate needs the Velocity Dance Studio requested proposals that would help them create a street presence, honor the patrons that had donated to the company with a donor wall and provide a community board where notices for upcoming classes, auditions and performances could be displayed. The following was the incomplete submission that was developed but not submitted for consideration.


The design takes cues from the dynamic mobility of the art from, the scale of its medium (the human body) and the atmosphere associated with a dance studio, to become the welcoming face of Velocity to its neighborhood.  The materials of the sign are born out of a desire to bring the studio out onto the streets, using elements associated with profession such as the ballet barre and large mirrors. The sign rolled to the corner of 12th and Pike would reflect the neighborhood, capture people strolling by on foot and cars coming to rest at the intersection. The desire was for the object in its obscurity would generate a interest through the sheer mystery of why it was there and what its purpose was.  As a pair to the sidewalk sign a twin would be created for the interior lobby with the names of the donors etched into the glass on one side, while the opposite side would carry the impromptu information on upcoming events, classes, etc... 

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