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Little Saigon Marker

Project 2012   Seattle Washington

The proposed signage "Anchor', seeks to creat an easily recognizable/ bilingual symbol welcoming visitors into the Vietnamese neighborhood, while further rooting the community's identity from impending development.


The project proposes two markers located along South Jackson street at the Northwest and Southeast corners of the 12th Avenue intersection. Locating these signs on opposite corners ensures maximum exposure to automobile traffic, while delineating the heart of the neighborhood. Their adjacency next to local bus stops will provide accessibility to those seeking to navigate Little Saigon.


The street facade is derived from the Freedom/ Heritage Flag, borrowing the proportions defined by the 1948 ordinance signed by Nguyen Van Xuan. The ordinance identifies the design of the Vietnamese flag as having a height equal to two thirds its width and containing three continuous horizontal red bands each having a width of one fifteenth the width of the flag and separated by a space equal to the band width. Proportions of Anchor's street facade are 9 feet wide by 6 feet tall, with the red bands 7 3/8" wide stretched over the plate.


The sidewalk facade contains a bilingual map of the neighborhood, developed with the Friends of Little Saigon, placing the community within the context of the International District and Seattle. The map is proposed as a graphic symbol machined into the surface of the steel plate and colorized in yellow to compliment the red bands on teh street facade while completing the color palette of the Freedom/ Heritage flag. The remaining side walk facade acts as a community board where upcoming events or services can be attached with magnets.

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