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National Native American Veterans Memorial

Competition 2018   Washington DC 


Washington is a city of vignettes. Axial alignments stretch between prominent governmental buildings, parks, monuments and museums binding the institutions together. At the National Museum of the Native American there exists an axis linking the ‘heart’ of the building (Potomac Atrium) through the center of the ‘welcome circle’ to the dome of the Capitol. The Native American Veterans Memorial is placed along this path in the wetlands, signifying the alignment between Congress who yields the power to go to war and the National Museum to the Native American who’s people have answered that call to serve.
A great stone monolith will be selected from tribal or federal lands and brought to the Museum’s grounds to protect the memory of the veterans who have served and act as an anchor providing balance when they return home.
We do not break the rock to remind it of those who have served this country. The stone remembers everything. We break the rock so that we don’t forget the sacrifices made for this land and its people by native veterans, their families and their communities. 
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