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Barn I

Project 2014   Bryan Texas

When not managing a horse rehabilitation center, our client trains horses for barrel racing and maintains a reasonable band of pets. With little time between work and more work there became a need for a home for the whole family. The Barn, conceived as a residence for people, pets, and horses as well as an office/ hay storage, is three buildings under one roof. Passthroughs or dog trots provide physical separation and natural ventilation between each program, define public and private spaces and act as impromptu garages for equipment during inclement weather. Large doors at the stalls open up the central barn to various size runs and pastures as well as the arena, making it easier to manage and train the horses along with keeping the barn well ventilated. Bookending the barn is a two bedroom residence on one side and the office/ hay storage on the opposite side. The layout of the barn is set to a 24’ grid of structural steel bents defined by the minimum width of 2 horse stalls. The simple industrial form is clad in galvanized corrugated metal barn siding maintaining the agricultural language of the surrounding ranch and farm lands.  

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